“They are the most beautiful in presentation out there...a lovely combo of just the right music, artwork and writing.”

~ Jen Godward

“Kim's ecards are so wonderful and such a great value. And I always hear back from others that it was "exactly" what they needed at the moment they opened it.”

~ Connie Funk

“I have been sending Kim’s ecards for years and must admit that I delight as much in the sending as in the receiving. There is a card for every occasion and most recently Kim added Portal of Grace to the lineup which is my favourite card to date.”

~ Sandra Wallin

“Your eCards are fantastic. There is something there for everyone even if they are not a horse lover. The melding of your pictures with the words you write and Vicky's music is unbelievably beautiful and spiritual.”

~ Carol C.

“I am very impressed with how you can capture the movements, the elegance, the impulse together with the characteristic lines of their faces, and reflections on their moving muscles.”

~ Judit N.

“I love the new cards, among all the other fun things. Thanks for keeping the price so reasonable”

~ Julie A.