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Thank you for visiting Spirit of Horse eCards. We hope you enjoy your experience with us. Please let us know if you have any difficulty or questions using the site. If you get any error messages, please cut and paste them in an email to us at help@spiritofhorsecards.com so that we might more quickly solve your problem.

You cannot see cards on your phone or tablet

The website was built with Flash in order to create our innovative cardplay features—however, Apple iPads, iPhones and some Android devices do not accommodate Flash. Since many websites are facing this issue, a new Puffin browser app was developed in the last couple of years that enables us to play Flash functions on tablets and phones.

Puffin Browser App for sending, receiving and opening Milestones e-cards on iPads/tablets and phones. You can get a free version of the Puffin app, or the full version of the app for $3.99, which also gives you a whole slew of cloud storage and large file sending and other features: http://www.puffinbrowser.com/download/

For sending cards: You can send cards from your iPads/tablets and phones by accessing SpirtofHorseCards.com from the Puffin browser app. We recommend, however, if your laptop or other computer is handy, that you use those rather than a phone. Phone screens are too small to comfortably navigate, see and read as you’re viewing cards and entering your personal message.

For card recipients: We have added an automatic "device-detect" to the cardplay function to let your card recipients know if they are trying to open your card on a phone or tablet so that they have the option of downloading the Puffin browser or opening your card on a computer/laptop.

You get the message “Invalid email address” when attempting to send a card

Please double-check the address. Also, make sure you have no spaces in the address – especially at the end of the address. You can check this by clicking your mouse to insert a cursor in the Recipient's Email field after the email address - the blinking cursor should be right up against the end of the address.

Sent Cards not being received or opened

If a recipient says that a card you sent was never delivered, the first thing to check is whether we received your request to send the card. You can check this by logging on to spiritofhorsecards.com and clicking the CARD HISTORY option in the menu above. (Note you must log on first or this option will not be visible.)

If the card has been opened you will see the date and time the card was opened. If the card was not opened, there are a few things that may have occurred.

Usually, a card is undeliverable because either the address you gave was incorrect, or there was some kind of spam filter or other obstruction that prevented delivery of the eCard email notification. Unfortunately spam filters do often catch eCard email notifications and we have no control over how a recipients email filters are set. Also, even if the eCard email notification was delivered to the recipient's mailbox doesn't mean the recipient will have seen it! Many mail services include spam filtering facilities which will file suspect mail in a "quarantine" area, or even simply delete it.

An eCard email notification your recipient receives looks like this:

From: Spirit of Horse eCards
To: Recipient email address
Subject: Kim has sent you an eCard from SpiritofHorseCards.com

You have received a Spirit of Horse eCard from Kim.

To view your eCard, click on the following link:

If a sent card didn’t get opened when you review your Card History - please double-check the address - Common mistakes include:
  • entering .net instead of .com at the end of the address (or vice-versa)
  • forgetting to enter .uk or other international indicator after .com
  • entering the letter O instead of the number zero, or vice-versa
  • entering the letter i or lower-case L instead of the number 1, or vice-versa
  • entering "www" at the beginning of the address - "www" is for websites, not email addresses!
  • Another possibility is that the e-mail address you entered was incorrect - but was actually the correct address of someone else altogether!

If there is an error in the address you typed, and if you use our Address Book facility to store addresses of people you sent cards to, then please be sure to correct the address in the Address Book before re-sending a card. To do this, click Address Book in the menu above and next to the selected address, click Edit to change the address.

Resending Cards:

It is easy for you to re-send the card yourself: simply go to the Card History page in our website (you must log on first if you haven't already); then click Resend opposite the card in question.

If Resending the card still does not work – there are some creative options for you to send your card:

  1. You can send the card via your own email. Go to your Card History and select to View a card that was undelivered. Copy and paste the website address in the top bar of your web browser into a composed email and email your friend the link with your own personal message. For instance your email message could look like this:
    From: Your email address
    To: Recipient email address
    Subject: I have sent you an eCard from SpiritofHorseCards.com

    Dear Sharissa,

    I have sent you a Spirit of Horse eCard.
    To view your eCard, click on the following link:

  2. You can send an eCard to yourself (to your email address) from yourself - with a greeting in place which you'd like to send to your friend. Then when you get the notification of the eCard with the enclosed link, which looks like the above eCard email notification, you can forward that email link to your friend via your own email to them - and that way it may be more likely that a Spam filter will recognize it as from your email address. Please note, you won’t be able to tell if the cards were opened using this method.
  3. If you want to resend a greeting in a card that was undelivered - when in Card History - click View, and click and drag over your personalized text - you can highlight your original greeting - and copy and paste it into an eCard to send to yourself as above.
  4. On rare occasions, a card will get a "bug" in it that causes it to not load or send properly. We would appreciate your sending us an email about any such "broken" cards that you encounter. Also, please note that in order for your cards to be sent on today's date or another date of your choosing, your computer must be set to the correct current date

Other Nifty Solutions to General Site Problems

If your experience with the site seems buggy, try some of the following solutions:
  • Make sure you're running the most current version of your browser. You will get the best performance of our site with Internet Explorer 7 if you're using a PC, and Safari 3.03 if you're using a Macintosh computer. If you're having trouble with your browser, you might try the Firefox browser. Since we're using some of the latest technologies on this website, older browsers may give you some problems. (You can check the version of your browser by clicking on something that says "About" Internet Explorer/Firefox/Safari, etc., perhaps on the "Help" menu).
    • If you're using a Mac: go to Apple's Download Site to download the most current version of Safari: 3.03 for Mac (make sure you select the one for Mac since there's also a new Windows version now). The older versions of Safari have a bug in them that slices up the images on our website and also seems to affect the ability to preview personal messages that you compose to your card recipients. If you're using an older version of Safari, our site will prompt you to download the current Safari.
    • If you're using a PC: go to Microsoft's Download Site to download the most current version of Internet Explorer: version 7 (or the Apple site as noted above to download Safari for Windows).
  • Refresh/reload/re-cache any problematic pages. If you ever have problems with a page (on any website), RELOAD your page by holding the SHIFT key and clicking the Refresh/Reload button (an arrow in a circle) at the top of the browser. If that doesn't work, clear your history. Better yet, empty or clear your cache. Why? When you download pages from a website, your computer stores those pages in its own memory "cache" so that it can access pages faster the next time you go to them. The downside of this is that you're not necessarily getting the newest or corrected version of the web page from the site's web server. Reloading or Clearing the Cache will not affect your bookmarks or favorites in any way -- it will just force your computer to go directly to the site's web server for the newest versions of the pages.
    • To clear your cache on a Mac using Safari: click on "Safari" in the top menu heading while you're in your Safari browser, then click on "Empty Cache."
    • To clear your cache on a PC using Internet Explorer 7: click on the following in your top browser menu: Tools | Internet Options | Browsing History Section | "Delete..." Button | Temporary Internet Files.
  • A last resort - clearing "Cookies." If you have any problem subscribing/making a payment, we suggest that you clear your browser's cookies. The only ramification of this is that it will cause you to have to log in again to any sites that have your password saved. To find out how to clear cookies on your browser, search "clearing cookies" in Google.
  • Problems logging in after you've subscribed: You could have a problem logging in after you've subscribed if:
    • You had a typo in your original subscription email address or password, or in your login attempt. If your original subscription information had a typo in it, when you try to login with the correct information, the site will not recognize your login. We suggest that you check the confirmation email with your login information that you received when you subscribed, and if there was a typo in the original, go ahead and login with the typo version, and then with your current login email and password and your requested new login email and/or password and we will reset your information for you and we'll confirm when your account login is reset.
    • You/your computer has disabled the "cookies" function that enables our (or any) website to remember who you are from page to page as you use the site.
  • Recipients receiving two "card sent" notices from you: You've probably hit the "Send" button twice. When sending cards, look at the browser's status bar (usually at the bottom) to see if it's processing your "send" click before you click again. The first click usually takes a few seconds to process, so you might think the first click didn't "take" or forgot that you clicked send already!

If none of the above circumstances seem to explain the situation, and you've tried re-sending the card and the recipient still hasn't received it, you may contact us for help.

Thank you, and again, feel free to contact us at help@spiritofhorsecards.com. We will get back to you immediately or within 24 hours.

Spirit of Horse eCards are created from the pastel paintings of Equine Artist Kim McElroy
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